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The Tennessee Trial Lawyer Association works to protect the civil justice system and advocates for accountability and the rights of all citizens.

Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association
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Nashville, TN 37206-4211
(615) 329-3000    Fax (615) 329-8131

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A special THANK YOU TTLA’s Partners

Diamond Partners

Jake Duvall / 866.68.FORGE / c 706.248.467

More than ever before Forge and our almost 60 employees are equipped to assist your clients in planning for their settlement recovery. In addition to our structured settlement and annuity practice for creating insured income, our wealth management firm Advocacy Wealth specializes in producing predictable monthly income. Finally, our Trust Company Advocacy Trust should be considered for any trust or fiduciary need. Our companies contain the experts that plaintiffs will need to help them maximize their recovery.



Chris Davis / 303.300.9770 /

Offering uninsured & underinsured personal injury victims access to high quality medical treatment.

For your clients: No fees, interest, or out of pocket expenses. Access to our outstanding and extensive network of physicians and specialists. A dedicated Case Manager to facilitate all medical appointments, avoiding gaps in treatment.

For you: No risk, or fees. Free access to your clients’ medical records through our secure, online portal, saving you valuable time to focus on important legal matters.


Why is PCF the only call TTLA members should make when their client’s need a lawsuit funding:

1. PCF is the largest sponsor of the TTLA and is also the largest sponsor of the Trial Lawyers Associations in all 9 states it does business in.

2. PCF has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has successfully helped over 100,000 plaintiffs get lawsuit fundings over the last 18 years.

3. PCF’s marketing team off Alli Moreland and Jessica Bilbo were both born and raised in Tennessee and attended college there. PCF’s President Brian Garelli is a lifelong trial attorney.

4. PCF entered Tennessee when your state capped rates on lawsuit fundings at a time when all other companies fled this state due to the rate caps.

Please feel free to call us anytime at 800-774-7106 and we look forward to serving your clients.


Platinum Partners


More and more individuals are losing healthcare coverage every day.  Many of those with coverage are seeing their deductibles and co-pays increased each year.  Additionally, fewer and fewer medical providers are willing to treat injured plaintiffs under a letter of protection (LOP) agreement.  TriMed Billing Solutions bridges the gap for injured plaintiffs who have no means of obtaining the medical care they need.  TriMed works with local orthopedic clinics, MRI facilities and physical therapists to arrange care on an LOP basis.  TriMed assumes the risk associated with LOP treatment and allows the medical providers to focus on what really matters – helping your clients heal and recover from their injuries.  TriMed is proud to provide treatment options throughout Alabama and is excited to announce its expansion into the Nashville metro area.  

If you would like more information regarding TriMed’s Nashville network, please call 205-578-2862


Gold Partners


Elizabeth Shick / 800.869.8160 /

Elizabeth Shick is originally from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, but has lived in Atlanta, GA since 1988. She graduated, summa cum laude, from U.G.A. with a degree in Scientific Illustration & went on to study Medical Illustration at the Medical College of GA. She was the senior medical illustrator at MLI before opening her own company, Medical Visions, Inc. in 1991. She is one of the top medical legal illustrators in the country with extensive experience, personally producing over 10,000 exhibits which have helped attorneys obtain some of the highest verdicts & settlements in the country. You work directly with her to fine tune your exhibits with no middleman.

Elizabeth’s motto is “Do what you love & delegate everything else.” Although a friendly staff is available to service you, your artwork is meticulously produced by the owner of Medical Visions, Inc. who has a passion for accuracy & quality in her work.



David Meyerowitz / 416.849.3484 /

Strategic Capital helps people deal with unexpected changes in their lives. We provide post settlement options that balance clients’ need for cash now with financial security in the future. Lives change and needs change. Our aim is to leave annuitants in a better position after our transaction than before.



Kelly Tanner / 704.962.8048 /

Tanner Legal Nurse Consulting is comprised of experienced nurses that assist attorneys with their medically related cases. We can help throughout the litigation process from the initial case screening to settlement. Contact Kelly Tanner with questions


Silver Partners


Charles Saladino / 502.276.5316 /

In law as in life, Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity are paramount. These values are the backbone of Barrister Capital.  We are a group of committed professionals with more than 25 years combined legal funding experience who share a passion for helping people.  Our modern approach allows us to offer a level of personalized service and open communication not found in larger organizations.  This approach allows you to have more control of the legal funding process.  We exist to help you grow your client’s case and provide you with piece of mind knowing that your client’s best interest will be put first.  We take great pride in having the lowest rates in the industry and we strive to make the process simple.  Barrister CapitalFirmly Invested in You!



Kevin Wolf / 615.438.8649 /

                                                                      Colin Lawler / 847.521.4303 /


Oasis Financial and Key Health have recently merged offering a suite of services focused on helping accident victims recover both physically and financially.

Oasis Financial is the largest and most recognized national brand in consumer legal funding, providing non-recourse consumer legal funding to individuals involved in personal injury litigation, primarily due to auto and work-related accidents.

Key Health is the national leader in providing personal injury medical lien funding for personal injury patients and medical providers. These providers offer services to injured victims on a lien or letter of protection basis as part of a personal injury claim.

Together we offer products geared for both the attorney and plaintiff. or



Christian Costlow / 385.499.1101/

Let’s say your client needs medical attention for their injury, but they cannot afford it. Injury Care Solutions provides access to hassle-free medical care for your client using our large network of medical providers. We provide medical funding for your client with no hidden fees so you can focus on your client’s case. We provide a clean and clear exchange of bills, records, and other documentation for your client’s care to help you win the case!




Frank Lorge or Melissa Zimmerman / 918.919.0648 / or

Portage Funding has been providing fast, professional and courteous service to TTLA member attorneys continuously since 2008.

  • Our entire team is comprised of attorneys who answer the phone when you call, prepared to immediately evaluate every referral.
  • 100% of our business is referred to us by personal injury attorneys.
  • We understand the vulnerability of injured clients, and do not market to injury victims or upsell clients referred to us.
  • When determining the appropriate amount for an advance, our focus is on the true needs of clients.
  • We work with referring attorneys to minimize each advance, therefore avoiding problems at settlement.
  • No forms or case documents to submit - we get all the information we need during one quick phone call with your firm.

Attorneys keep us on speed dial because we provide the most comprehensive service and take the least amount of their time.

Find out why we are attorneys’ first choice for clients in need:

918-919-0648 (Ext. 1 for Melissa and Ext. 2 for Frank)



“FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters, is a leading provider of business development solutions for small law firms. Through its team of legal marketing experts, FindLaw drives the industry by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of proven online and offline marketing solutions designed to connect law firms with targeted prospective clients. FindLaw is also home to the largest online directory of lawyers and, the most popular legal website with more than nine million people visiting each month for free information about a legal topic, to solve a legal problem or to find a lawyer.”



Lisa vanNocker / 615.601.0646 /

My unique medical experience of 25 years in the hospital, home health, nursing home, and surgical setting, qualifies me to assist attorneys in analyzing the medical aspects of their legal case.  My team and I have access to current standards of care, authoritative research and qualified expert witnesses, each related to the specific medical case.  We save our attorney clients time and valuable financial resources by screening cases before you hire the expensive medical experts.  The benefit is knowing which medical experts and witnesses are best suited to your case. 

                                                                                                                          SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

  • 7 years of clinical nursing experience in surgery, touching all specialties
  • Combined total of 25 years clinically active nursing experience covering acute care, nursing home and home health
  • Cardiothoracic surgery as RN scrub nurse and circulator
  • Attended committee meetings, reviewed and updated policies and procedures
  • Used electronic medical records (EMR) daily. 



Adrian Jackson / 615.775.8408 /

Get your clients the treatment they need and the settlement they deserve.  Why getting clients quicker care is good for your firm? In wrongful injury cases, Well States Healthcare is your best resource for settling cases earlier and getting paid faster.

Because we assist your paralegals and staff—coordinating appointments and medical referrals, and preparing files by gathering and organizing medical records and invoices, and summarizing treatment bills—it frees them up to work on other cases, saving you time and money.

And since we help coordinate your clients’ care, we minimize or eliminate gaps in treatment and coverage. We’re self-funded and have negotiated with healthcare providers to ensure that they won’t have to wait for a settlement to get paid. When they know we’ve taken care of the money, they can concentrate on taking care of your clients. And you can concentrate on winning settlements.

Clients get better faster. You get paid quicker. It’s a win-win for all parties. 


 Bronze Partners


Kristin Thomas / 202.554.0272 /

KT Designs offers a wide range of trial consulting services, including graphics, trial and jury consulting, trial technology, and expert witnesses. In addition to legal support services, it also provides information design, photography, and corporate identity branding to companies in all industries. The KT Designs team strives to surpass your expectations by predicting your needs and maintaining honest and detailed communication throughout all your projects. Whether you need a single service or many, KT Designs is ready to give you and your client the best work at the best price; visit our website today to see the work KT Designs can do for you.



Bobby Barber / 540.239.2783 /

Navigating Healthcare for Uninsured/Underinsured Personal Injury Clients in their Time of Need

Since our founding in 2007, we have established a nation-wide medical provider network that covers all avenues of care with no out of pocket costs. 

Why Use Marrick?

- Extensive Network of Quality Providers

- No upfront costs for clients

- Bills and Records available 24/7 on the Marrick Portal

- Transportation available in most areas

- Spanish speaking case coordinators